When Art Mimics Life


(Women’s March, 2017)

I’ve been inspired by all the social, political and cultural movement lately that I’ve turned to a more expressive form of art: painting.

It’s also been a great way to pass the time while I wait for supplies.

(Do we like this painting? Should I make prints for the Etsy store?)



Bracelets: Love, $25; Energy, $27; Strength, $35. Ersa: Onyx, Pearl, $40

I’ve been making a ton of bracelets (inspired by prayer beads) that use mostly semiprecious stones. I wanted jewelry that will help bulk up inner strength by interacting with the body. The belief that stones improve health, including energy flow and blood circulation, is really up to the wearer. But I’ll say this: They feel good – smooth, cool and heavy, but in a substantial way.

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