Confidence & Creativity

Making Gold IV, Acyclic on Canvas

Last (for now) of the Making Gold series.

Read more about the uncertainty that permeates – and sometimes drives – the creative process.

Making Gold III, Acrylic on Canvas

Both pieces had started out looking like something else – I’d reworked them several times, never liking what I created.

Making Gold III emerged after a series of tentative attempts at balancing structure with chaos. Lines were disrupted by carefully placed splotches. Each layer builds upon the other to create a wild and discursive landscape that just touches upon cohesion (and comprehension).

Making Gold IV was never meant to be. I had swathed the painting in light blues and pinks, disrupted by umber strokes so dark it almost looks black. Not liking what I saw, I grabbed a fork and populated the landscape with scrapes and dots – eventually tracing patterns that reminded me of a city.

Our minds contain whole worlds. And (abstract) art is an attempt to extract this. How do you feel about these last two pieces? What do you see in them?




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