How to Convert Paintings into Prints

I hit a moment of crisis three days before my show –

– To print or not to print?

(Prints will be available via preorder at the show and afterwards through my Etsy store)

Seems like a no-brainer until you consider the painful amount of work that entails getting your paintings ready for print. Unless you have photography and photo editing skills, I had to outsource the task to Thumbtack. Most people use a fine arts studio but I didn’t want to shell out the $$$.

Once photographs are ready, they need to be edited for the printer that you use. Then ordered (I use Packaging supplies – a clear envelope, backing board, and rigid envelopes for online orders – are also separate (ordered through Amazon).

I had to order prints again as the paper quality wasn’t what I expected the first time around. Lots of trial and error.

However, the expectation isn’t that my prints will sell. Rather, it’s a nice way to hold on to paintings if/after they are sold. In reality, I paint my pieces with such intimacy that I can’t imagine it resonating with a lot of people.

It’s meant to belong to only one home.




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