How to Balance Contrasting Colors


Wildest Dreams, 36 x 24, Acrylic on Canvas

I’m pretty sure I broke the color rules on this one.

I generally hate orange and green, so imagine my surprise when I found myself using these two as primary colors in my latest piece.

What inspired me was not anything appealing or pleasing – I was dreaming about forests burning under chemical warfare. I wanted to capture that dreamlike moment when ash fills the air like snow – before its unimaginable fallout.

The trick was to keep the dominant colors from mixing (producing a muddy or murky brown). And I took a leaf out of the book of real life – fire, at the root of its orange flame, is a deep, dark, galactic blue.

I’m thinking of adding some more light blue / white square petals in the left corner. Hopefully that’ll round out this piece. If not, tell me all your thoughts about this piece when I showcase it on May 20.

Tickets available here!


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