Finishing Art (Pt.1)

Artist’s block. I hate it.

How fitting – that it occurred – while I was painting the moon. Continue reading to find out more about my struggle with the various “phases” of this piece.

Every creative has this problem. I encounter it during my job on a daily basis. Often times I have to send off something to meet a deadline, whether it’s perfect or not. Knowing I’m a human, not a robot, helps me accept my limitations.

But when it comes to art, it’s so hard to get it right. Maybe because I paint based off of my vision: the image in my head. But it isn’t one I can sketch out – I just have to paint it.

Does anyone else have this problem? The problem of describing a destination that does not exist – that must be made.

So when I say that art is a process, I mean that my paintings are procedures:

Made in the act of making.


Water is Life, 2017

20X14 Watercolor & Acrylic on Hot-Pressed Watercolor Paper

Commissioned Project


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