Bracelets: Love, $25; Energy, $27; Strength, $35. Ersa: Onyx, Pearl, $40

I’ve been making a ton of bracelets (inspired by prayer beads) that use mostly semiprecious stones. I wanted jewelry that will help bulk up inner strength by interacting with the body. The belief that stones improve health, including energy flow and blood circulation, is really up to the wearer. But I’ll say this: They feel good – smooth, cool and heavy, but in a substantial way.




Who would wear this kind of jewelry? Free spirits, athletes, warriors who aren’t afraid of harsh elements. We’re on the cusp of summer and it is H-O-T. And although L.A. is built on marshland, it can feel like a desert. People like to complain how it’s a place that doesn’t care whether you live or die.

Well, then. To survive is a feat, and to live is an accomplishment.

(c) all content and images are copyright property of Melissa Wang.


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