Green and black: The power colors of summer.

Materials: Jade, Onyx, Silver.


Green and black is such a powerful combination. I think of The Heart of Darkness; a descent into tropical darkness / uncivilized madness. And these are also colors associated with the feminine–Spivak’s subaltern, I suppose.

Well. I like underdogs. And I think these colors are underrated. Nothing beats sexy like all black with just a hint of color–especially one as rich as emerald or forest green. The pairing is like citrus & rosemary: impactful, sensual, and lingering…these power players bulk each other up, rather than compete.

I’ve added hints of silver for a bit of pop. It will be summer, after all.

The hat is from Piperlime. When this came in the mail my mood instantly brightened. Ochre yellow appears in my dreams; I see purples, pinks and oranges too. The colors are referential, helping me access my memories. For example, butter yellow reminds me of the bedroom I occupied throughout high school–of soft and mild nostalgia for childhood.

I used to not care for green, but now I feel green; it is cool and moist, soft as moss against my skin. It smells like rain and fresh grass; it tastes like a lime Skittle, sweet and tart.


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