Nova by Melissa (Men’s Collection)





Esoterica By Melissa: Tags, Key (necklaces).

We shot this on New Year’s Day. I chose the roof because I wanted a vantage point from which my model could best see everything – conjuring up (what I hoped to be) the proper mindset for “horizon.”

We were only able to take a few snaps before the sun set. On the plus side, the moon came out (see last shot). Apologies for the graininess.

A bit on keys:

I think keys represent our decisions for privacy—to open/close, unlock/lock—which are actions that open us up to both risk and possibility. It’s an object that occupies a border; the fine line between action and adventure, or tragedy and horror. The line is thick with uncertainty, taut with the desire to know or not know, and brimming with all the hypothetical ramifications of our interactions with the outside world (OK, maybe I hyperbolize…).

A key was designed for a lock, but I think keys are beautiful regardless of their preordained destiny. Beauty in structure, practicality, and possibility—what can it open? It’s up to the wearer to find out.

Keys are a call for adventure, movement and change.

What is it about the moon that conjures up nostalgia?

(I close my eyes and see green and yellow papyrus framing the edges of a lake, their leaves brushing the top of the water. I remember sitting on the shores of such a lake in Morocco, being fed figs by a man I had met that day. He peeled them for me and I ate them, one by one, as the sun descended and the moon rose round and clear above the quiet waters of Africa).

New Year’s resolution: Travel again / more.

(c) all images and content are copyright property of Melissa Wang


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