Fluorite bracelet – I love the color and opaqueness of the stones…so xmas gifts they become. But as usual, my favorite semi-precious materials are super fragile; a knock against anything harder than wood and these stones shatter. Sigh. The challenges of working with natural things.

Still, the benefits outweigh the cons. Natural stones accrue in lushness over time; interaction with the skin’s oil and heat only increases their luster (for example, with pearls and jade). I love how jade can turn from a crisp Iceberg white into a deep emerald. How marvelous, to see your jewelry transform over time (the payoff of due diligence, mmhaps?).

Tuesday. Brick + Mortar for late lunch. Bro hangout on the weekends, it’s tranquil and serene on a weekday afternoon. Portishead’s “Glory Box” plays overhead as we talk about Prague and London over a Delirium Tremens and IPA.

–(H.F. studied in London whilst I was in Paris; we met up in Prague. Thus began our wanderlust. In Prague we drank mulled wine on the Charles bridge, explored cobblestoned side streets, and ogled decrepit animals – including a stuffed Dodo – at the National Museum. H.F negotiated for a bunch of children’s paintings that weren’t on sale, which she later lost at the airport. I carried a poster of a fanged Babushka doll from the Museum of Communism all the way back to Paris and the U.S. It now lords over my desk, mad-dogging students when they come to office hours)–

It’s been 8 years. But – we talk with the same ease, if not more. We discuss work, family plans, new/old loves, dreams for the future. She feels like kin; I marvel at the alchemical transformation from friend to family.

It’s better than turning straw into gold.

(c) all images and content are copyright property of Melissa Wang


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